Resources that Help Me Thrive

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Listed below are the books that truly expanded my horizons

Author - Gary W. Eldred PhD

Investing in Real Estate by Gary Eldred truly changed my life. I saw so many opportunities because I didn't realize the level of diversity within the real estate asset class. After the last page, it was the first day that I decided to make real estate the foundation of my investing portfolio. 

Author - Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book I read after I graduated college in 2011.  It completely changed the way I viewed money. The crux of the American Middle Classes financial issues lies within their inability to define investing. If we can't define investing, how can we begin building long term wealth? Investing doesn't have to be risky. Its not an all or nothing process. But here is the game plan that everyone needs to thrive, buy more assets than liabilities. The skill lies within one's ability to discover assets and eliminate liabilities. Listen I am not your financial adviser, but I certainly recommend this book if you want to understand what it means to build wealth. 

Author - Frank Gallinelli

Frank Gallinelli really spells it out when it comes to evaluating real estate investing. Reading this book allows individuals to truly empower themselves and become more educated and confident around real estate investing. This book is a fabulous reference to keep on the shelf. My copy has so many highlights and doggy ears. Its countless. 

Here are some tools that help me daily

This cell phone mount for my car has been so amazing. Typical car mounts make us clip our phones in funky positions. This one is easy because all you have to do is place place a magnet on your phone and then you can just have the WizGear do the rest. As an agent I am driving all over the place and its easy for me to be more functional from google maps to taking calls. Plus it allows me to never loose my phone in the car while I am driving. It helps me stay safe. 


Film - The Big Short

Fantastic movie about the housing and real estate market and how it impacted the economy. You can see that the difference between why our real estate market today is much safer than it was in 2007. So that being said, it's clear that real estate still plays a major role in the foundation of our economy.